|es|f| esniper frontend

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Make esniper working on eisfair

eisfair ist ein einfach zu installierender Internet-Server, der als zugrundeliegendes Betriebssystem Linux verwendet und aus dem Schwesterprojekt fli4l hervorgegangen ist. more »»

Run system calls as separate user than your frontend

For security reasons you can run the esniper processes using a limited user. more »»

Install esniper from CVS

Last esniper patches are in CVS only. It is a good idea to update from time to time direct from CVS. more »»

eBay and captchas

If you have |es|f| installed on your server and you access eBay pages from your workstation, some times eBay provides the captcha login. more »»

Refresh auctions via cron job

You can use a cron job to refresh your auctions periodically in background. more »»

Monitor your esniper processes

For status monitoring for your esniper processes you can use a script. more »»

eBay configuration for esniper -m

To make esniper work properly with your watched items on ebay, the columns have to have the standard layout. more »»

esniper quits on logrotate

Configure Apache on debian to not stop esniper processes on logrotate. more »»